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Foto's en video's van gebeurtenissen van wereldbelang, jubilea en beroemdheden uit het heden en verleden. Gebruik de kalender als planningstool: selecteer een datum om door onze redacteurs geselecteerde archiefbeelden en clips te bekijken.


28 mei 2019 (3 gebeurtenissen)

Suspect yusef salaam is led away by a detective after being arrested picture id97327571?s=170x170
NY: In Profile: The Central Park Five Case60 beelden
The cover of life magazine features a photograph of the dionne in picture id72430308?s=170x170
UNS: 28th May 1934 - Birth Of The Dionne Quintuplets25 beelden
In callendar canada dionne quintuplets tours ontario promoting war video id502795951?s=170x170
UNS: 28th May 1934 - Birth Of The Dionne Quintuplets26 clips

29 mei 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

Glass positive photograph of the corona taken at sobral in brazil a picture id90763802?s=170x170
UNS: 29th May 1919 - Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Confirmed10 beelden
Large group of male and female graduates at the prom in formal wear picture id469494341?s=170x170
UNS: Vintage Prom Season35 beelden

30 mei 2019 (1 gebeurtenis)

Circa 1960 a closeup of a safety pin stood on its point illuminated picture id3205794?s=170x170
UNS: Great Little Inventions From The Past35 beelden

31 mei 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

Poster for ishir hondas 1954 horror gojira starring takashi shimura picture id505615873?s=170x170
UNS: From The Archives: Godzilla22 beelden
Lone demonstrator stands down a column of tanks june 5 1989 at the picture id1374461?s=170x170
UNS: In The News - 30 Years On From The Tiananmen Square Protests55 beelden

03 juni 2019 (1 gebeurtenis)

President reagan laughs following a joke by the straightfaced queen picture id514704986?s=170x170
UNS: Queen Elizabeth Meeting 12 US Presidents12 beelden

04 juni 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

Portrait of american actress grace kelly in a strapless gown with a picture id75876421?s=170x170
UNS: 15 Of Grace Kelly's Most Memorable Fashion Moments15 beelden
Captain daniel v gallery commander of the uss guadacanal stands on picture id615317954?s=170x170
XSE: 4th June 1944 - German Submarine U-505 Is Captured15 beelden

05 juni 2019 (1 gebeurtenis)

Engineer dan gardner operates manipulator arm at the hot cells at picture id1148840571?s=170x170
UNS: Latest Finds From The Archive: May Highlights95 beelden

06 juni 2019 (4 gebeurtenissen)

Mount everest the summit of mount everest shrouded in cloud and taken picture id964845842?s=170x170
UNS: 6th June 1924 - George Mallory & Sandy Irvine Set Off For Everest Summit30 beelden
Gold area normandy on1 appendix vii annexe a information up to 6th picture id1014160120?s=170x170
UNS: 6th June 1944 - D-Day Landings115 beelden
Montage allied bombers fly including b17 flying fortresses montage video id502142966?s=170x170
UNS: 6th June 1944 - The D-Day Normandy Landings of WWII23 clips
1st july american musician dr john performs live on stage at the picture id85032912?s=170x170
UNS: Musician Dr. John Dies At 7737 beelden

07 juni 2019 (3 gebeurtenissen)

Prince performs live at the fabulous forum on february 19 1985 in picture id74291910?s=170x170
MN: 7th June 1958 - Musician Prince Is Born20 beelden
Stonewall inn nightclub raid crowd attempts to impede police arrests picture id97321331?s=170x170
NY: In The News: 28th June 1969 -The Stonewall Riots19 beelden
Mia hamm of team usa dribbles the ball up the field during the fifa picture id2371817?s=170x170
UNS: In The News: FIFA Women's World Cup40 beelden

08 juni 2019 (1 gebeurtenis)

29th june 1965 a poster with the famous words big brother is watching picture id3063572?s=170x170
UNS: 8th June 1949 - George Orwell's Novel 1984 Published26 beelden

10 juni 2019 (3 gebeurtenissen)

Musician dexter gordon recording at capitol records on june 5 1947 in picture id73906509?s=170x170
CA: From The Archives: Recording At Capitol25 beelden
Womens football team in paris on january 30 1921 picture id526780572?s=170x170
UNS: From The Archives: Women's Football40 beelden
American actress faye dunaway takes breakfast by the pool with the picture id52756559?s=170x170
UNS: In Profile: Photographer Terry O'Neill Is Made A CBE38 beelden

12 juni 2019 (3 gebeurtenissen)

Circa 1950 still life of anne franks red plaid diary her first in picture id3247440?s=170x170
DEU: 12th June 1929 - Birth of Writer Anne Frank25 beelden
Long beach california paul maccready is the designer of gossamer picture id517835064?s=170x170
GBR: 12th June 1979 - 1st Human Powered Flight Across the English Channel13 beelden
Brian allan taking off in gossamer albatross and flying over sea off video id675352384?s=170x170
UNS: 12th June 1979 - 1st Human Powered Flight Across the English Channel1 clip

13 juni 2019 (3 gebeurtenissen)

Actress uta hagen wearing sheer peignoir holding line with curtains picture id501819600?s=170x170
UNS: 13th June 1919 - Actress, Uta Hagen Born14 beelden
Musician bob dylan is photographed onstage during the rolling thunder picture id179710561?s=170x170
UNS: In The Movies: Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue28 beelden
Portrait of italian stage and cinema director franco zeffirelli 1972 picture id498860847?s=170x170
UNS: RIP: Names We Lost In June21 beelden

14 juni 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

Aeroplane in which alock and brown made the first nonstop flight picture id463903987?s=170x170
GBR: 14th June 1919 - 100 Years Since First Non-stop Transatlantic Flight15 beelden
Publicity still portrait of american actor richard roundtree in the picture id494832271?s=170x170
UNS: In The Movies: The Original 'Shaft'29 beelden

15 juni 2019 (1 gebeurtenis)

Cast memberslr stringbean archie campbell gunilla hutton the hagers picture id170133855?s=170x170
UNS: 15th June 1969 - First Episode Of TV Show 'Hee Haw'15 beelden

17 juni 2019 (4 gebeurtenissen)

 video id450315938?s=170x170
CA: 17 June 1994 25 Years Since OJ Simpson Car Chase14 clips
 picture id539886850?s=170x170
CA: 17th June, 1994 - 25 Years Since The OJ Simpson Car Chase16 beelden
Mrs leopold stokowski wearing a polka dot dress with a lifting collar picture id507389940?s=170x170
UNS: American Socialite And Designer Gloria Vanderbilt Dies At 9532 beelden
Special prince and princess of wales in washington 91185 usa dc ext video id1152640865?s=170x170
UNS: Gloria Vanderbilt Dies at 956 clips

18 juni 2019 (1 gebeurtenis)

December 1960 rita moreno and george chakiris get the floor to in a picture id3065096?s=170x170
UNS: In The Movies: 'West Side Story'33 beelden

19 juni 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

Photographer robert a reeder twp anacostia museum brief description picture id109280764?s=170x170
UNS: In The News - Celebrating Juneteenth15 beelden
Portrait of poet and musician joy harjo san francisco california 1996 picture id160022805?s=170x170
UNS: In The News - U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo10 beelden

22 juni 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

American singer and actress judy garland appears in concert picture id613513818?s=170x170
GBR: 22nd June, 1969 - 50 Years Since Death Of Judy Garland13 beelden
Judy garland and mickey dean leave a london registry office following video id1b012404 0020?s=170x170
UNS: 22nd June, 1969 - 50 Years Since Death Of Judy Garland14 clips

23 juni 2019 (1 gebeurtenis)

Kinsey alfred charles 2306189425081956 wissenschaftler sexualforscher picture id541073387?s=170x170
UNS: 23rd June 1894 - Birth of American Sexologist Alfred Kinsey9 beelden

25 juni 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

Wireimage entertainment report 3609 video id85278985?s=170x170
UNS: 25th June, 2009 - 10 Years Since The Death Of Michael Jackson: A Look Back101 clips
Singersongwriter michael jackson photographed at neverland ranch for picture id89217678?s=170x170
UNS: 25th June, 2009 - 10 Years Since The Death Of Michael Jackson: A Look Back135 beelden

26 juni 2019 (1 gebeurtenis)

Daily news front page july 21 headlines men walk on the moon one picture id97294116?s=170x170
NY: 26th June 1919 - The New York Daily News First Published30 beelden

28 juni 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

 video id2004 80?s=170x170
FRA: 100 Years Since Signing Of Treaty Of Versailles12 clips
28th june 1919 diplomats and delegates watching the signing of the picture id3350421?s=170x170
UNS: 28th June 1919 - The Signing Of Treaty Of Versailles18 beelden

01 juli 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

Apres la ceremonie dinvestiture du prince charles au titre de prince picture id558645449?s=170x170
GBR: 1st July 1969 - Prince Charles Investiture At Price Of Wales15 beelden
The original walkman model tcs 300 made by sony of japan the tcs 300 picture id90729171?s=170x170
UNS: 1st July 1979 - The Sony Walkman Goes On Sale15 beelden

05 juli 2019 (2 gebeurtenissen)

Photo of rolling stones and mick jagger and keith richards mick picture id85096044?s=170x170
GBR: 5th July 1969 - Rolling Stones Play Free Concert In London's Hyde Park18 beelden
The stones in the park concert england london hyde park ext huge video id1130727492?s=170x170
UNS: 5th July 1969 - Rolling Stones Play Free Concert In London's Hyde Park1 clip