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Baha'i Faith congress

Baha'i Faith congress; ***ALSO AVAILABLE AS FS020563001*** ENGLAND: London: New Southgate Cemetery: CS Girl: "The first thing in Ba'hai religion is to love. (This is true of the Christian Faith encumber of other faiths to?) "Of course it is, but I think it is more the talking than the doing. They don't do it exactly, but we show and we do it. For example in this conference we have in London, if you just noticed everybody, they way they kiss each other, actually they are colour blind. They never see the difference between two colours. They are so friendly, they are like brother and sisters. The Christian religion, they say that every man should be liek their fellow man, but they don't do it, they just talk about it". (And you think that if you all kiss, the world can be saved?) "It's not only kissing, we can see the love. What's inside is meant. You mean it. Kissing is what you feel inside". CS Man: (What are the social teaching of Ba'Hai?) "There are quite a few. There should be a one world government, the equality of sexes, universal education, and that the world should set up a trunal, a universal set up for weights and religion and international currency". (These are all very high aims, but has Ba'Hai any hope of achieving them?) "Yes, we have seen that in the past one hundred years, after Ba'hai reveled a mission for the world, that he was to return as a spirit of the world, when he revealed, at that time what people called revoluntionary ideas, are coming about. The world government, today we see the United Nations in being". (They are not a result of the Ba'hai religion?) "Well we feel that God sends a revelator to the world, he meets a tremendous force. You can't explain it, they are intangible things but things happen?" CS Woman: (What do you do?) "I've been a Custodian since 1957, I take care of it, planted the flowers and kept the things growing my husband and I. And the reason we are having the Congress here is because the situation in Bagdad ...