Kate Taylor

Spring Hill, TN United States

Day 1 Photography
Genres:Easy listening, Country - Recent/Pop, Pop - Volwassen, recent
Biografie: Kate Taylor has a passion for music beyond measure. For her it started as a little girl, in toe shoes as an aspiring ballerina. Growing up her mother had her in piano, several dance classes, violin and anything musical they could afford. Her parents knew she was gifted but there weren't a lot of opportunities in their home town of Remus, Michigan. Kate pursued voice in college at now "Cornerstone University" and hit the road for Nashville soon after achieving her degree. Nashville is a town where good musicians can get lost in the shuffle, and great writers and musicians eventually stand out, after working really hard and proving themself. Kate worked hard to write with amazing published songwriters, sing with the best musicians and record with great producers like Steve Werbelow from L.A., soaking in everything she could learn from experiences and performing every venue that had a mic. Recently she got the news that 10 songs she wrote and produced would be on the "Young and the Restless" she says, "12 years of baby steps here, now it is time for some giant leaps and I'm ready to fly". Kate resides in Williamson County just outside of Nashville with her supportive husband and 2 small children. Many think its easier to be single in this business, but for her it is her family that inspires her and encourages her to keep going.
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