Parasite Diet

Paducah, KY United States

Biografie: Parasite Diet are a power pop punk group from the future (Paducah, Kentucky geographically).
After some time (completely relative to your perspective) hopping planets and decades, Parasite Diet have settled to rock 21st century Earth and get the primitives dancing.

Parasite Diet are generally a two piece outfit consisting of post-apocalyptic heartthrob Josey Juice on guitar and vocals and his robo sidekick Technicolor Kid on drums and backups, though they often employ auxiliary genies and dinosaurs to fill in the live sound on bass guitar or kazoo.

Ultra upbeat songs in the same boat as the Ramones, the Knack, the Undertones, Kung Fu Monkeys and Devo. All of Parasite Diet's lyrics are built on foundations borrowed from badly executed sci-fi films and cartoons.

The band released their first EP "God Hates Parasite Diet" on Pug Face Records in 2009 featuring a duet with Americana mega-sweetheart Kelsey Waldon. They recorded a full-length, self-titled record released in downloadable form and on cassette in summer 2010 with a CD and vinyl release planned for the second half of the year.
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