michael skotte

Kastrup, Copenhagen Denmark

Genres:Pop-rock, Rock - Pop-rock
Biografie: Michael Skotte is from Denmark. He is a composer and freelance songwriter, writing music for artists from all over the world. Michael understands how the story needs to be told. The tone, the texture, and the lyrics, along with having the perfect singer, equals perfection. Utilizing this technique brings maximum effect. Whether it is gentle or dynamic, Michael Skotte knows how to bring it all together.
Michael has the ability to accompany that scene or that story through his music. His talent is up for licensing for media consumption, utilizing existing compositions or creating ones specific to your request. They are perfect for commercials, TV shows, movies, other artists, or music videos, Michael is ready to put his magic into action.

You can listen to his current compositions by logging onto www.michaelskotte.dk
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