Jade Leary

otterburn park, quebec Canada

Biografie: Jade Leary is a fiercely independent artist from Montreal. A multi-instrumentist , he has played with renowned avant-rock musicians Bernard Falaise and Remi Leclerc (Miriodor, Klaxon Gueule, Foodsoon, Barnyard Drama) in various projects. The front-man of defunct alternative bands The Sleeping Signature and SoulCirkus, he has been pursuing a very prolific solo career for the past seven years, releasing six albums (including an EP) that have taken more and more of an intimate and introspective turn. His fascination for music in relation to visuals brought him to the world of television where he has scored soundtracks for several documentaries and series.

In 2002, well before the current wave of digital downloads, he initiated a project called FairPlay - a distribution model for the new millennium that urged musicians to take matters in their own hands and distribute their music as digital files under a shareware type license. Although the project has since folded he continues to believe in its underlying principles, which are now present in projects like Magnatune and Gabriel/Eno''s MUDDA.

Jade Leary is currently working on his seventh solo release - Black Glitter Diaries - due out in April 2007.

For more information please visit www.jadeleary.com.
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