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A customer leaves a shop selling Apple products with a digital... Nieuwsfoto'sAdvertentie,Apple Computers,Apple Store,Binnenstad,Draadloze technologie,Draagbare informatie-apparatuur,Financiën,For sale - Korte frase,Goed gekleed,Hanoi,Klant,Logo,Mens gemaakte objecten,Smartphone,Straat,Strohoed,Symbool,Techniek,Telefoon,Toegankelijkheid,Verkopen,Verticaal,Vietnam,Volwassen,Volwassen vrouwen,Winkel,iPhone,iPhone 5Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFPA customer leaves a shop selling Apple products with a digital advertising display announcing that Apple's smart phone Iphone 5 is available for sale on a street in downtown Hanoi on September 28, 2012. Not being among themarkets choosen for Apple's inaugural sale of the Iphone 5, Vietnam's smart phone market gets feverish with hi-tech lovers and wealthy people ready to pay up to 23 million dongs or 1,100 USD for an Iphone 5 16G model, all of which are imported by individuals from Singapore, Hongkong or the US. AFP PHOTO/HOANG DINH Nam (Photo credit should read HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images)